Our mission is to help improve the quality of life for all dogs by offering dog carers information and products to treat and prevent dogs health problems using holistic dog care principles.

In our opinion, a higher quality of life for your dog means the prevention of disease, the absence of any symptoms and a long, happy and healthy life.

At ‘Heal Your Dog Naturally’ we aim to educate people on holistic dog care which includes dog nutrition, natural therapies for dogs, herbal and nutrient supplements for dogs, avoiding toxins, holistic dog food and all other aspects of natural dog care and animal naturopathy to try to help you keep your dogs and puppies as healthy as they can possibly be.

Chamomile (botanical name – Chamomilla recutita or Matricaria recutita) is a herbal medicine that possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, anti-ulcer and other healing properties. It can also act as a mild sedative and may be suitable for the treatment of anxiety, colic, gastrointestinal inflammation and diarrhoea and may be used topically (on the skin) for the treatment […]

  Do you feed your dog from a plastic bowl? Do you warm up their meals in the microwave in plastic bowls covered with plastic wrap? Do they drink their water out of a plastic bowl? Were you aware that plastic molecules can break down into the fluids or solids that they are holding (e.g. […]

Congestive heart disease is a serious health disorder that many dogs suffer from, particularly as they grow older. It can substantially reduce the quality of your life for your pet and usually results in an early death. However, in many cases this dreadful disease can be prevented.   Congestive heart failure is a complication of […]

THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY……… EBC-46 is the name given to a new plant-based medicine which is being touted as the next ‘miracle’ cancer cure. EBC- 46 is being produced by an Australian company, QBiotics, (owned by ‘Ecobiotics),’ and, understandably, the product has received quite a bit of media attention. So, is EBC-46 going […]

Canine Digestive & Immune System Health Scientists now know that the foundation of good immune system health and disease prevention in all species of animals primarily begins in the gut. The correct balance of healthy microflora (‘Probiotics’) as well as beneficial nutrients and herbs (‘Prebiotics’) that increase and maintain these useful bacterial species,  forms the […]

Along with inflamed skin conditions in dogs, ear and UTI infections and digestive system disorders, arthritis is another condition that I often get asked to treat as more people are becoming aware of the potentially harmful side effects of pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory and analgesic medications and are seeking safe and effective alternatives. Although dietary changes can often […]

All nutrients play an important role in your dog’s body and therefore we should try to avoid them becoming deficient in any vitamins, minerals, amino acids or essential fatty acids. However, vitamin D is one of the nutrients that has an effect on their whole body, so it is really important to ensure they are […]

Itchy, inflamed skin in dogs is one of the most common conditions that I am asked to treat these days. Atopic dermatitis,  which used to be called eczema, is an inflammatory condition of the skin, and can be caused by a large number of factors, such as incorrect diet, hormonal imbalances, gastrointestinal flora imbalances, essential fatty […]

I often get asked whether dogs can benefit from fish oil supplements or not as there are many people supplementing their dogs diet with fish oils these days. Omega 3 fish oils are the most popular essential fatty acids (EFA’s) and they are called ‘essential’ as it is essential that the body derives them from […]

Animal naturopaths often use nutrient supplements to help treat certain conditions in animals. Based on many years of clinical experience and research, I believe that to achieve 100% optimum health we all need a full range of nutrients and so do our dogs. If we are deficient in even one vitamin, mineral, amino acid or […]

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