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Book Review: Dr. Dog’s Fast, Easy & Fun Behavior Solutions If it’s a quick fix to your dog’s behavior problems you’re looking for, you’ll not find it here—no jerking or squirting or using the latest fad techniques.  If you want to invest the time to learn why your dog is misbehaving and what you may […]

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Steve Dale Tribune Media Services The Baltimore Sun, April 6, 2011 WARWICK, R.I. — The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants 2011 Conference April 1-3 was attended by over 300 dog, cat, parrot and horse behavior consultants. One headline from the event emerged from a speech by veterinary behaviorist Dr. Nicholas Dodman, director of the […]


Pet Owner Tips: No Bites or Head Butts USA Today 18.1.11 Martha Stewart’s rush to the emergency room last week is an all too common experience for pet owners. Even good dogs, when startled, can hurt us. Gary Richter talked with me about how you and family members can avoid similar experiences. He is head […]

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Some dogs may look like their owners, but all dogs imitate their human companions. By Jennifer Viegas Discovery News.  Jul 27, 2010 For the first time, scientists have proven that dogs automatically imitate humans. Dogs cannot easily curb this tendency to imitate us, even when the behavior is not in their best interest. Humans, non-human […]

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