In an effort to reduce the dependence on chemicals to which ticks are becoming increasingly resistant, this work was carried out to determine if a homeopathic medicine made from the tick can provide a viable alternative. 27 tick-infested cattle were divided into 3 groups. One group received no treatment, the next received the normal dose of Amitraz (a chemical based tick dip) and the third group received a 12C potency of Boophilus microplus. When compared to the control, the dip and the 12C homoeopathic potency provided the same level of reduction in ticks.

Silva NL, Moletta JL, Minho AP, Filippsen LF. Use of biotherapic in the control of natural infestation by Boophilus microplus: pilot study. International Journal of High Dilution Research 2008, 7, 22, 36-38.

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